- archive of latest binaries
- complete archive of whole project, firmware sources
- my english translation of help page
- russian wiki
- a complete guide for non-russian-speakers (by Gasman), english FAQ by Gasman
- official forum (ru)
- my review (sk).

zx evo aka pentevo

- latest EvoBaseConf
- latest EvoResetService
- TestService20160104
- BootLoader20120124
- FATall (hobeta), Wild Copier (scl & hobeta}, Wild Player (scl), PC (hobeta).
- official homepage
- official forum (ru), unofficial forum (ru)
- my review (sk) and its update (sk).

v6z80p+ v1.1b

- PCB resource for fabrication
- complete project tarball
- project wiki.


- Chris Smith and his work
- José Leandro Novellón Martínez and his work
- how I built it.