.AY-3-8912 chipmusic.

ay players

For Windows:
- AY Emulator
- Microspeccy

For Linux:
- ZXTune

ay trackers

For Windows:
- Vortex Tracker II
- Arkos Tracker

- saa1099 tracker (warning! public alpha version, work in progress!).

For ZX Spectrum:
- Soundtracker
- SQ Tracker
- Sample Tracker 2 (digital sample music).

various ay resources

- simple Soundtracker manual
- simple SQ-Tracker english manual (slovak version)
- X-Agon's HW envelope table for SQ-Tracker
- AY-3-8912 reference by Cygnus (czech language)
- page 1 and page 2 of approximation of nonlinear characteristics of the AY-3-891x volume envelope (czech language).