- memory map (complete solution, page map only gallery, here are sch&brd for Eagle)
- 48k to 128k rebuild rev3 for ZX Spectrum or Didaktik Gama (GAL, gallery 1, gallery 2)
- 128k rebuild for Didaktik Kompakt and M (EPROM and GALs, description in slovak)
- AY interface (here is modification for use with D40/D80/Kompakt), gold slice ACB for +2
- SRAM module, SRAM module GAL version (GAL)
- ZX PS2 keyboard interface
- Umbrella - bugfixed GAL (unrainer, fast ports and read from 7FFDh disabled) replacement for PAL/HAL in ZXS 128k and grey +2.

datasheets and pinouts

Z80 CPU, ZTX650, SED9420, WD2797, WD177x, WD1793, AY-3-8910, AY-3-891x, 74S188, 74S571, lot of pinouts you can find here, +3 rear connectors are described here.


- ZX Spectrum issue2, issue3, issue3b, issue4ab, issue5, issue6a
- ZX Spectrum 128k, analogue part of ZXS128k, Inves ZXS128k, analogue part of Inves ZXS128k
- ZX Spectrum +2 iss3, ZX Spectrum +2 iss3 power circuit, ZX Spectrum +2b, ZX Spectrum +3 (+2a), ZX Spectrum +3b
- Didaktik M'90, Didaktik M'91, Didaktik Kompakt
- Didaktik Gama'88, Didaktik Gama'89, Didaktik Gama'89 (drawn by Clock) + gEDA .sch
- Mistrum (eagle .sch), never released Zeus

divIDE resource

sch&brd for EagleCAD, files for fabrication, documentation in english, jedec files for burning GALs, most used firmwares.

former CSSE projects

DG192k-1b, DG192k-1c, Serial Dump for DG192k PC & ZX utilities, nice DG'89 resource, RGB out for Didaktik M, +3DOS FDD controller for +2a/+2b.