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17/01/2019 at 11:23 in Announcements

New DISO was released.

I made few fixes and many additions. What I'm especially proud of is KVM Music Disk. We considered it lost (in TAP version), but I searched over my old MB-02+ diskettes and I found it!

I know that many of you are using DISO with ESXDOS, which is a bit uncomfortable because it does not support LFN, so the file list is quite disarranged. What I have to think is filename conversion from LFN to 8.3. What a mind job :-/

As I have found, some of you are using DISO as source of TAP files also for ZX Spectrum clones such as ZX-Evo, Speccy2010 or ZX-Uno, so I decided to add some nice older demos, which are Pentagon timing critical.

Added games: Super Serif Bros, Astronaut Labyrinth, Bean Bros, Crackers, Gemslider, Nohzdyve, Old Tower, Pooper Scooper, Pushbot, Robots Rumble, Sector: Invasion, The Eggsterminator, The World War Simulator 2, Gluf.

Added demos: 5th Element, Airspace, CCC999 invitation, Demo 22, Demodying, Devotion, Funtasy, Mitchell 21, Muscate Nut, No Exit, Paranoia, Paroxyzm, Phrenetic, Psychosonic, Quinquagesima, Ragtimes, Ray, Rise, Showtime, Spirius, TV-X, Workstop.

Added intros: ZX Tribute to Mona, Mona256, BB, CGA Dreams, Chaos, Strange Movements Of Sandkings, Unexpected Blizzard.

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