SjASMPlus v1.10.3

SjASMPlus v1.10.3 was released. Macro issue with commas inside quotes was fixed. IFUSED, IFNUSED and STRUCT directives were fixed.
Support of register operands for operators HIGH and LOW was added. Enjoy! Download in Software section.

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MB-02+ subpage

As far as I know, MB-02+ is the best floppy controller for ZX Spectrum. It's lightning fast, reliable and easy to use. It is so well designed, that with MB-IDE addition and compact flash cards it can be used as modern storage device, also in these days. No one can wonder, that it deserves good resource of informations and software, so here it is. Enjoy ;-) There was no room for direct link in title menu, so links to MB-02+ subpage are in Software and Hardware...

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DISO v0.14

New iso image for Demfir is out! Many games and demos were added and I did some minor fixes too. Get it in Software section. Enjoy!

And from now onwards prebuilt iso is stored on github, along with source files.

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SjASMPlus v1.10.2

SjASMPlus v1.10.2 was released. Issues with line formatting and UNDEFINE pseudo-op were fixed. Enjoy! Download in Software section.

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Done! (more or less)

So, webpage transformation is finished. Only few bits and pieces are missing, but nothing important and I will add them soon. This is final design, so I hope it is more readable for you and you will find everything you are looking for (if not, send me the file(s), I will upload them immediately). Enjoy!

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SjASMPlus v1.10.1

SjASMPlus v1.10.1 was released. Busy made a fix for OUTPUT directive and implemented the TAPOUT, TAPEND, OUTEND directives. From v1.10.0 onwards the windows precompiled binary will be included in all future releases. The download link is of course included also here, in Software section....

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SjASMPlus v1.10.0

Hello all! SjASMPlus v1.10.0 was released. mborik did great job with SAVETAP feature, so now we have full featured command, which can be used to build up whole TAP file with all necessary blocks from the scratch, directly in your code. Precompiled windows binary is in Software section, as always. Linux/Mac/BSD users can grab the sources on Github....

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Fresh start

In last few months several people complained that the old page design was a bit disarranged and readability was poor. I aggree with that, so I decided to move on, but in a different philosophy. The old design was edited manually and I needed something more comfortable. So this is the result - a simple CMS without database. I even like this default theme. And since it is fresh start, the content will be built from beginning. But don't be affraid. At the end, there will be the same content here as it used...

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