Didaktik M'92 update

Whereas quite decent PCB scans of the Didaktik M´92 are available, I decided to redraw the printed circuit board in the Sprint Layout editor. You can find the result on the Hardware page. And at the same time I corrected the schematic diagram, because there were some minor discrepancies. Enjoy! ...

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Proface / Keyface

I took the preserved documentation for Proface and I created modernized versions of external and internal variants in Kicad. I also made new printed circuit boards, but I won't publish the gerbers, as the new fashion has become to take a freely available project and turn it into a business. I will not support these individuals. If you are interested in a printed circuit board, there will be a thread on Oldcomp where you will be able to report your interest. With a sufficient number of interested...

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SjASMPlus 1.18.2

SjASMPlus 1.18.2 was released. Changelog: [may break old sources] new exist operator to check label existence the --syntax=i mode makes now also register parsing case insensitive minor bugfixes (predefined values, savenex BMP loader less strict about "colors used" content) Get it on Github or in Software...

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SjASMPlus 1.18.1

SjASMPlus 1.18.1 was released. Changelog: Big-Endian hosts support (experimental and not tested continuously) added "listall", "listact" commands to OPT - to switch between listing types WHILE has optional argument to set explicit guardian-counter ASSERT has optional argument (to add description/notes for expression) SLOT and MMU will now accept also starting address of slot instead of its number fix: option --sym was not exporting labels starting with underscore fix: SAVENEX BMP-loader bug when...

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SjASMPlus 1.18.0

SjASMPlus 1.18.0 was released. Changelog: [may break old sources] the colon between end of EQU/DEFL/= expression and instruction is mandatory [may break old sources] new abs operator for absolute integer value new system of warnings (and suppression), the "; ok" comments are now deprecated DISPLAY has now also binary and char formatting DEFINE+ added to [re]define identifier without error ELSEIF added to conditional assembling arsenal WHILE added for conditional loops added "NOSLOT64K" device...

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