SjASMPlus 1.18.3

SjASMPlus 1.18.3 was released. Changelog: added --color to enable/disable ANSI coloring of errors/warnings added --syntax=s mode to disable sub-word substitutions of DEFINEs added at-sign prefix for macro local labels to act as non-macro local label SAVETRD accepts names containing dot ("z.x.B" is "z.x" with extension "B") - by Dart Alver SAVETRD has optional argument to save BASIC with variables (length_minus_variables) minor bugfixes (conditional block parser) Get it on Github or in...

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Didaktik Kompakt update

PCB scans of the Didaktik Kompakt ver-2.3 are also available. Not as good as for Didaktik M'92, but I tried it and it turned out, that low quality is still enough to redraw the printed circuit board in the Sprint Layout editor. The schematic diagram was also missing, and since the electric connection is quite different from the ver-1.5, I reversed it while drawing PCB. The result of my hard work you can find on the Hardware page, in Didaktik section....

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Didaktik M'92 update

Whereas quite decent PCB scans of the Didaktik M´92 are available, I decided to redraw the printed circuit board in the Sprint Layout editor. You can find the result on the Hardware page. And at the same time I corrected the schematic diagram, because there were some minor discrepancies. Enjoy! ...

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Proface / Keyface

I took the preserved documentation for Proface and I created modernized versions of external and internal variants in Kicad. I also made new printed circuit boards, but I won't publish the gerbers, as the new fashion has become to take a freely available project and turn it into a business. I will not support these individuals. If you are interested in a printed circuit board, there will be a thread on Oldcomp where you will be able to report your interest. With a sufficient number of interested...

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SjASMPlus 1.18.2

SjASMPlus 1.18.2 was released. Changelog: [may break old sources] new exist operator to check label existence the --syntax=i mode makes now also register parsing case insensitive minor bugfixes (predefined values, savenex BMP loader less strict about "colors used" content) Get it on Github or in Software...

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