News · SjASMPlus 1.15.0

19/05/2020 at 15:50 in Announcements

SjASMPlus 1.15.0 was released. Changelog:

  • added BPLIST and SETBP to export breakpoints info from asm for Unreal and ZEsarUX emulators
  • added ZX-like devices with 2/4/8 MiB of virtual memory
  • the fake-sysvars/state of ZXSPECTRUM48/128/... devices reworked, moving stack down by default
  • behaviour of --fullpath option unified across all platforms and compilers
  • DEFARRAY has new operator [#] to retrieve current size of array.
  • MMU has new optional third argument to set also address (like ORG)
  • use of forward reference in IF/IFN emits only warning, and can be suppressed
  • internal Lua updated to 5.1.5 (last official 5.1 version)
  • STDIN can be read multiple times (per each "-" argument)
  • new macro/lua examples: sj_sysvars.i.asm, section.asm, lua_sin_table.asm, union_like_structures.asm
  • RAM limit exceeded warning/error reworked to report with more sense, fixed bug with missing labels
  • SAVETRD warning about invalid extension can be suppressed by "; ok"
  • EMPTYTRD takes as second argument disc label
  • added --outprefix option to prefix any output-directive filename (issue #102)
Get it on Github or in Software section.

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