News · SjASMPlus 1.15.1

08/07/2020 at 8:09 in Announcements

SjASMPlus 1.15.1 was released. Changelog:

  • EQU now assigns memory page to symbol based on the symbol value and current memory mapping
  • this does affect also results of LABELSLIST (Issue #111)
  • LUA emits warning when some machine code is emitted without "ALLPASS" modifier
  • SAVETRD refactored: fix couple of bugs and make TRD files conform the actual TR-DOS practice
  • SAVETRD: new "&" modifier to produce "mono-loaders" with extra files appended
  • SAVETRD: added support for the unofficial 3-letter extensions ("; ok" to suppress warnings)
  • INCTRD refactored and added support for unofficial 3-letter extensions
  • fix issue #108 to detect windows drive letters at beginning of file names with full windows paths
  • bugfixes: RAMTOP w/ global device, "r+w" file operations code review, memory buffer overrun in LUA
Get it on Github or in Software section.

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