News · SjASMPlus 1.18.1

24/01/2021 at 18:31 in Announcements

SjASMPlus 1.18.1 was released. Changelog:

  • Big-Endian hosts support (experimental and not tested continuously)
  • added "listall", "listact" commands to OPT - to switch between listing types
  • WHILE has optional argument to set explicit guardian-counter
  • ASSERT has optional argument (to add description/notes for expression)
  • SLOT and MMU will now accept also starting address of slot instead of its number
  • fix: option --sym was not exporting labels starting with underscore
  • fix: SAVENEX BMP-loader bug when certain builds of sjasmplus were unable to open BMP files
  • fix: after STRUCT instance the "main" label is not polluted by last field of STRUCT
  • minor bugfixes in parser, windows cmake-builds have now icon
  • docs: adding "Index" section
  • docs: adding some missing information (__DATE__, __TIME__), fixing HTML anchor names
Get it on Github or in Software section.


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