News · SjASMPlus 1.19.0

05/04/2022 at 17:37 in Announcements
I forgot to announce the new version of SjASMPlus, which was released last week. So here it is. Changelog:
  • added Amstrad CPC devices (AMSTRADCPC464, AMSTRADCPC6128) - by Oli Wilkinson
  • added Amstrad CPC save snapshot and CDT (SAVECPCSNA, SAVECDT) - by Oli Wilkinson
  • added SAVE3DOS (like SAVEBIN with +3DOS header)
  • the deprecated "ok" warning suppression is removed, use "<warning-id>-ok" comment or -Wno-...
  • new temporary label suffix syntax _b and _f, enabling them for all expressions
  • fix --longptr mode to keep 32b address when DS 0 is used
  • added fake instructions adc|add|sbc|sub de,bc|de|hl|sp
  • dec|inc|pop|push will accept also single-comma multiarg in --syntax=a mode
  • DUP/REPT will now accept also zero count (skipping the block)
  • DEFL labels can be defined even as late as in last pass
  • bugfixes (macros, listing, file names in errors, SLD reversepop data)
Get it on Github or in Software section.

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