News · SjASMPlus 1.20.0

14/06/2022 at 16:59 in Announcements

SjASMPlus 1.20.0 was released. Changelog:

  • Lua: upgrade to 5.4, replacing tolua++ bindings with LuaBridge2.6 library, extending some bindings
  • Lua: bindings slightly modified (required by upgrade), refreshed docs, added test coverage
  • Lua: the 3rd party extensions (BTW not working for many years) are obsolete in 5.4 and removed
  • Lua: more accurate errors/warning location reported even in complex cases
  • warnings: added -Wall, --help=warnings shows on/off status, rdlow off by default
  • Added HIGH mode to relocation data generator (MSB-only relocation mode)
  • many open-file "fatal" errors become "non-fatal", assembling will continue
  • deprecated features removed: --syntax=m, label abs in expressions
  • --color=auto will stay no-color when env.var. NO_COLOR is defined
  • refactorings, improving some error messages and parsing, small fixes in parsing logic
  • fix listing of Lua's sj.parse_code (eol-comments), minor memory leaks fixed
  • fix relocation of temporary labels in expressions
  • invalid CLI options are reported as regular errors (also changing exit code)
  • errors are colored similarly to gcc (only keyword has color), console input name is <stdin>
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