News · Speccy2010 firmware release 1.2.9

10/02/2022 at 19:51 in Announcements

The lovely ZX Spectrum / Pentagon clone Speccy2010, popular not only in east europe countries, has received a new release of firmware (iteration by mborik). Overall stability was improved and also SD card content was updated. Changelog:

  • fully manual control over saving of speccy2010.ini config file to improve overall stability
  • ESXDOS updated to v0.8.9
  • demos & games in TAPs to test autoloader feature for ESXDOS and DivMMC
  • some TRDs to test Betadisk or ESXDOS autoloader with Pentagon timings
  • bootable disk mb02/demodisk.mbd with some programs and demos to test MB-02 implementation
  • few snapshots to test

You can download it HERE.

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