DISO v0.15

New DISO was released. I made few fixes and many additions. What I'm especially proud of is KVM Music Disk. We considered it lost (in TAP version), but I searched over my old MB-02+ diskettes and I found it! I know that many of you are using DISO with ESXDOS, which is a bit uncomfortable because it does not support LFN, so the file list is quite disarranged. What I have to think is filename conversion from LFN to 8.3. What a mind job :-/ As I have found, some of you are using DISO as source of TAP...

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New MBD images

A few MBD images were updated on MB-02+ page. See detailed informations: Demo To je jedno was included into Omega's image Demo Zero Points was included into Zeroteam's image Demos Chimera and Flash were included into slovak demos image Four new MBD images with many czech demos were added Please download updated MBD images and delete the obsolete. Sorry for any inconveniecne and...

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SjASMPlus v1.10.4

SjASMPlus v1.10.4 was released. See details and download on github, or download in Software section. Enjoy!

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SjASMPlus v1.10.3

SjASMPlus v1.10.3 was released. Macro issue with commas inside quotes was fixed. IFUSED, IFNUSED and STRUCT directives were fixed.
Support of register operands for operators HIGH and LOW was added. Enjoy! Download in Software section.

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MB-02+ subpage

As far as I know, MB-02+ is the best floppy controller for ZX Spectrum. It's lightning fast, reliable and easy to use. It is so well designed, that with MB-IDE addition and compact flash cards it can be used as modern storage device, also in these days. No one can wonder, that it deserves good resource of informations and software, so here it is. Enjoy ;-) There was no room for direct link in title menu, so links to MB-02+ subpage are in Software and Hardware...

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