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Computer for rebuild Computer for rebuild
Delta aka rebranded ZX Spectrum+
Rebuild done Rebuild done
Just 128k RAM and logic here
First boot after rebuild First boot after rebuild
With MB-02+ attached.
Runnig 128k demo Runnig 128k demo
Looks like it works Looks like it works
Rebuild inside
128k RAM working 128k RAM working
Closer look to logic
Oh crap, a glitch appeared Oh crap, a glitch appeared
Commando hung, but im2 still running. This was fixed in GAL rev3
Damn, anoter one... Damn, anoter one...
A glitch apperared also in +3 RAM layout. This mode was later removed in GAL rev3, in order to free terms for some fine tuning of equations
Simple AY interface built in Simple AY interface built in
Circuit was based on Melodik AY interface
More tests More tests
Here with divIDE
Done! Done!
Delta 128k, with built in AY

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