This place is dedicated to ZX Spectrum - best 8-bit computer ever. Follow links above to explore what I'm offering here.

If you know something about ZXS, MB-02+ or AY-3-8912 specific what is interesting and is not here, feel free to contact me on jabber [z00m(at)jabbim(dot)sk] or drop me an e-mail.

For good emulation I'm recommending SpecEmu, ZXSpin or Spectaculator for Windows users, and FUSE for Linux users. Here are ROMs for it. For MB-02+ emulation there is RealSpectrum(32) only, old'n'dusty one, but it still rocks. Anyway, enjoy your time here!


[07.03.2018] - z80asm_lang was file updated. SpecEmu emulator was updated.
[17.01.2018] - Tidy up (links mostly).
[14.01.2018] - Small tidy up.
[07.09.2017] - sjasmplus 1.09 was released (windows executable).
[23.06.2017] - TS-Conf links added.
[22.05.2017] - Clock's DG89 schematic corrections and gEDA .sch was added.
[05.04.2017] - diso 0.13 was released.
[14.02.2017] - diso 0.12 was released.
[23.12.2016] - sjasmplus 1.08 was released. Also windows executable is available.
[11.10.2016] - sjasmplus-1.07-RC9 was released.
[05.10.2016] - zx7 packer was updated, finally. Makefile included.
[07.09.2016] - ZX-Evo firmware update, dead links corrected or removed, few minor changes.
[13.06.2016] - diso 0.11 was released.
[05.05.2016] - sjasmplus-1.07-RC8 was released.
[05.05.2016] - Makefile in sjasmplus-1.07-rc7 was modified.
[22.12.2015] - ROMs for FUSE.
[01.12.2015] - Galleries were recreated with easygg.
[25.11.2015] - Page redesign.