SjASMPlus 1.20.1

SjASMPlus 1.20.1 was released. Changelog: parse decimal numeric constants with warning (for easier Lua 5.4 life) added SAVEAMSDOS (like SAVEBIN with AMSDOS header) added "smart" SMC offset syntax for self-modify-code labels: abc+*: or 123 added DEFDEVICE to define custom devices Makefile cleanup Get it on Github or in Software...

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SjASMPlus 1.20.0

SjASMPlus 1.20.0 was released. Changelog: Lua: upgrade to 5.4, replacing tolua++ bindings with LuaBridge2.6 library, extending some bindings Lua: bindings slightly modified (required by upgrade), refreshed docs, added test coverage Lua: the 3rd party extensions (BTW not working for many years) are obsolete in 5.4 and removed Lua: more accurate errors/warning location reported even in complex cases warnings: added -Wall, --help=warnings shows on/off status, rdlow off by default Added HIGH mode to...

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SjASMPlus 1.19.0

I forgot to announce the new version of SjASMPlus, which was released last week. So here it is. Changelog: added Amstrad CPC devices (AMSTRADCPC464, AMSTRADCPC6128) - by Oli Wilkinson added Amstrad CPC save snapshot and CDT (SAVECPCSNA, SAVECDT) - by Oli Wilkinson added SAVE3DOS (like SAVEBIN with +3DOS header) the deprecated "ok" warning suppression is removed, use "<warning-id>-ok" comment or -Wno-... new temporary label suffix syntax _b and _f, enabling them for all expressions fix...

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Speccy2010 firmware release 1.2.9

The lovely ZX Spectrum / Pentagon clone Speccy2010, popular not only in east europe countries, has received a new release of firmware (iteration by mborik). Overall stability was improved and also SD card content was updated. Changelog: fully manual control over saving of speccy2010.ini config file to improve overall stability ESXDOS updated to v0.8.9 demos & games in TAPs to test autoloader feature for ESXDOS and DivMMC some TRDs to test Betadisk or ESXDOS autoloader with Pentagon...

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SjASMPlus 1.18.3

SjASMPlus 1.18.3 was released. Changelog: added --color to enable/disable ANSI coloring of errors/warnings added --syntax=s mode to disable sub-word substitutions of DEFINEs added at-sign prefix for macro local labels to act as non-macro local label SAVETRD accepts names containing dot ("z.x.B" is "z.x" with extension "B") - by Dart Alver SAVETRD has optional argument to save BASIC with variables (length_minus_variables) minor bugfixes (conditional block parser) Get it on Github or in...

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