SjASMPlus 1.14.3

SjASMPlus 1.14.3 was released. Changelog: fix detection of .end: and .END labels when --dirbol is used added export of SLD (Source Level Debugging) data, see also NDS (NextDevSystem) added --longptr option to allow labels outside of 16b address space docs: added small details about FPOS, SAVETAP, IFUSED fix assembling-time reported in linux Get it on Github or in Software...

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SjASMPlus 1.14.2

SjASMPlus 1.14.2 was released. Changelog: added i8080 mode (--i8080 CLI option) (it's still Z80 Zilog syntax, just limited instruction set) added Sharp LR35902 mode (--lr35902 CLI option) (100% syntax compatibility with IDA, 95% bgb) new $$label operator to retrieve page of label 1.14.0 include-path bugfix reverted, the "." is again automatically added (did break projects) small improvements/polish/extra-info in docs, INSTALL, README, few new tests added cmake script fix of SYSTEM_LUA=ON option,...

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SjASMPlus 1.14.1

SjASMPlus 1.14.1 was released. Changelog: - refactored SHELLEXEC to use clib "system(..)" on all platforms (also MS VS), minor fixes - lua example "inc_text" (result of specific request from sjasmplus user) - listing fixed when Lua was used to emit bytes and also parsed lines of assembly source - MinGW windows exe prefers "/" file system delimiter ("\" should still work on windows (only)) - lot of small bugfixes and Cirrus CI infrastructure adjustments (windows MinGW build does run full tests) - MS...

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SjASMPlus 1.14.0

SjASMPlus 1.14.0 was released. Changelog: - INCLUDE bugfix, now searching paths according to original documentation (may break some projects) - UNDEFINE had undocumented feature of removing also labels, cancelled (was broken beyond repair) - R800 `MULUB` was producing wrong opcode all those years... fixed - MODULE names can't contain dot any more! MODULE and ENDMODULE resets non-local label to "_" - --syntax option: "m" (switch off low-mem access warning) and "M" added, "A" removed - macro expansion...

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SjASMPlus 1.13.3

SjASMPlus 1.13.3 was released. Changelog: bugfixes, new examples (check tests/lua_examples) UTF BOM are now detected, UTF8 BOM is silently skipped, UTF16/32 BOMs cause fatal error ZXSPECTRUMNEXT device is now initialized with whole memory zeroed (no more ZX48 sysvars) DEFL documented, "no forward reference" rule relaxed for EQU some error messages reworded to make them easier to comprehend Get it on github or in Software...

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