SjASMPlus 1.14.4

SjASMPlus 1.14.4 was released. Changelog: added few example utility macros in tests/macro_examples/sj_library.asm (neg r16) added SAVENEX SCREEN BMP sub-command to include BMP loading-screen added support for V1.3 of NEX file format (new commands: CFG3, PALETTE, COPPER, new screen modes) in lua scripts: sj.calc(..) (alias _c(..)) now substitutes defines and macro arguments error reporting inside LUA and MACRO refactored to give better info about origin of error macro-arguments parser now...

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HDD Patch Classic & VDTCreator

There were a quite interesting movements on MB-02+ scene as the new MB-03+ Ultimate appeared a few weeks ago. I also bought one, but I still do have the good old MB-02+, where I'm using quite old Dron's HDD patch. I would like to use it also on MB-03+ as I never got used to EasyHDD. I like some of its features, but I'm a little conservative, so as a whole with its supporting utilities it's a bit complicated to me. So, I decided to modernize the HDD patch a bit, which is pretty straight forward and easy to...

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SjASMPlus 1.14.3

SjASMPlus 1.14.3 was released. Changelog: fix detection of .end: and .END labels when --dirbol is used added export of SLD (Source Level Debugging) data, see also NDS (NextDevSystem) added --longptr option to allow labels outside of 16b address space docs: added small details about FPOS, SAVETAP, IFUSED fix assembling-time reported in linux Get it on Github or in Software...

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SjASMPlus 1.14.2

SjASMPlus 1.14.2 was released. Changelog: added i8080 mode (--i8080 CLI option) (it's still Z80 Zilog syntax, just limited instruction set) added Sharp LR35902 mode (--lr35902 CLI option) (100% syntax compatibility with IDA, 95% bgb) new $$label operator to retrieve page of label 1.14.0 include-path bugfix reverted, the "." is again automatically added (did break projects) small improvements/polish/extra-info in docs, INSTALL, README, few new tests added cmake script fix of SYSTEM_LUA=ON option,...

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SjASMPlus 1.14.1

SjASMPlus 1.14.1 was released. Changelog: - refactored SHELLEXEC to use clib "system(..)" on all platforms (also MS VS), minor fixes - lua example "inc_text" (result of specific request from sjasmplus user) - listing fixed when Lua was used to emit bytes and also parsed lines of assembly source - MinGW windows exe prefers "/" file system delimiter ("\" should still work on windows (only)) - lot of small bugfixes and Cirrus CI infrastructure adjustments (windows MinGW build does run full tests) - MS...

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